Notices for Module Use
發布時間:2019-09-19 14:35:47

1. General knowledge

1-1. installation

The installation of LCD module is to assemble the installation holes on PCB to the equipment and instruments used. Because the display screen inside the module is composed of two very thin pieces of glass, it is easy to be damaged. Therefore, special care should be taken in the installation and application.

1-2. Module cleaning

When cleaning the module, dip it in a soft cloth with a little solvent (recommended below) and wipe it lightly.

- isopropyl alcohol

- Ethanol

Avoid using dry or hard objects to scrub the display surface to avoid damage to the polarizer.

Do not use the following solvents:

- water


- Aromatic compounds

1-3. Preventing static electricity

The driver IC used in LCD module is C-MOS LSI. Therefore, do not connect any unused input terminals to VDD or Vss, do not input any signals to the module before the power is turned on, and grounding the operator's body, workbench and assembly bench. Installation equipment should prevent static electricity.

1-4. packaging

LCD module avoids violent vibration or falling from a high place.

To prevent module aging, avoid working or storing in direct sunlight or in high temperature and humidity environment.

1-5. Operation (Notes)

LCD module must be driven within the prescribed voltage range, higher than the prescribed driving voltage will shorten the life of LCD module.

DC current will lead to LCD deterioration, so avoid using DC drive.

When the temperature is lower than the working temperature range, the response time of LCD will be significantly longer. When the temperature is higher than the working temperature range, the color of LCD will be darker.

The above phenomena will return to normal when the working temperature is restored, which is not a problem of product quality.

If the display area is pressed under working condition, some characters will display errors, but will return to normal after closing once.

Condensation on the electrode terminals can lead to open circuits due to electrochemical reactions.

At the highest operating temperature, the humidity is less than 50% RH.

1-6 storage

If long-term storage (such as one year) is recommended, the following methods are used:

- The module is sealed in a polyethylene plastic bag to prevent moisture.

- Keep away from light and within the specified storage temperature range.

- Avoid any object touching the surface of polarizer in storage. (It is recommended that the goods be stored in the inner packing bags at the time of delivery)

1-7. security

It is recommended that damaged or useless LCD modules be broken into fragments and cleaned with ethanol and propanol, and then burned down.

If you accidentally stick the leakage liquid crystal in the damaged LCD screen to your hand, please clean it with soapy water.

2. Use cautions

2-1. When both suppliers and demanders agree to provide a certain number of samples for comment, a certain number of samples shall be provided according to the method of consultation between the two parties. After the sample is confirmed, the confirmed sample will be used for batch evaluation.

2-2. Settlement through consultation between the two parties as follows

- When there is a problem with this norm;

- When new problems not stipulated in this Code occur;

- When problems arise due to customer's changes in inspection specifications and conditions of use;

- New problems arise when the size of the module sample is evaluated by the customer during installation, and therefore disputes arise.

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