Experience of 6S Lean Management
發布時間:2019-09-19 14:37:17

6S lean management ~like a fresh blood into the electronics and Electronics Limited company, like a wisp of spring breeze into the hearts of every employee. After a period of learning about 6S, I have benefited a lot. The company teaches us advanced management concepts and methods, so that we can play its role both in the company and in our daily life.

6S refers to sorting out, tidying up, cleaning up, cleaning up, literacy and safety. Because the Japanese phonetic alphabet begins with "S", it is abbreviated as "6S". To sort out is to distinguish between "want" and "don't", and to deal with "don't" so as to make room and improve production efficiency. In order to eliminate the waste of searching, rectification is to place things in accordance with the regulations and quantitatively and clearly identify them. Cleaning refers to the dirt in the workplace, the abnormal equipment is repaired immediately, and the occurrence of pollution is prevented, so that shortcomings and shortcomings are obvious, which is the basis of quality. Cleaning is to institutionalize, standardize and maintain the above effect. Literacy means that everyone should act in accordance with the regulations and form good habits to improve "human quality" and develop a serious attitude towards any work. Safety refers to the safety of the company and every employee. Here the importance of safety is emphasized.

In daily work, the prominent problem is to find and use some previous drawings, documents, components, instruments, instruments and so on. Often, we turn around and look around. Most of the time is wasted and the work efficiency is difficult to improve. The full implementation of 6S management makes our work site clear, greatly reduces the time of searching for information and goods, and greatly improves the efficiency of our work.

Bring the concept of 6S into our work and strive for perfection and high quality; timely sorting out the resources of our documents and materials and other habits through the implementation and implementation of 6S lean management, so that our environment is clean, clear and clear, and staff behavior norms, we recognize that work should not only be serious, meticulous, enthusiastic, but also continuous. Learning, summarizing and improving, improving the quality of their work, the staff's mood and morale will be improved. At the same time, the implementation of 6S can reduce the waste of personnel, equipment, places, time and so on, thereby reducing production costs.

Of course, it is not difficult to do a good job for a while, and long-term adherence depends on the quality of employees. This is the purpose of the 6S work and our work. In the future, we should take the 6S work as an opportunity, seize the opportunity, carry forward the spirit of "work together, clean and efficient", constantly improve the management level, so that the company is in the leading position in the fierce market competition, and make greater contributions to the company's leapfrog development.

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